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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Financial Management Portal Work?

The FMP Online Financial Management and Debt Elimination System organizes the process of managing and eliminating your debt.  You have access to a full range of management and educational tools to develop and manage a plan to eliminate your debt and gain financial freedom.  By accessing your user control panel you can manage every aspect of a wealth building, debt elimination plan.  To assist you in understanding the finer aspects of developing the plan we provide over 50 multimedia tutorials, covering all aspects of money management, debt management, and debt elimination.  Our proven system has been taught in Universities and Colleges for over 14 years and represents the "best of breed" in this area.  We also provide detailed systems for Credit Repair, Advanced Budgeting, and Advanced Money Leveraging.

How Will Using Your System Benefit Me?

The FMP Financial Management and Education system allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of an online system:

  • All your information and plan details securely stored in one place where you can access it from the privacy of your own computer as well as anywhere in the world.
  • A complete system designed to make the job of managing your debt and executing a solid debt elimination plan as easy as accessing your fully customizable, personal control panel.
  • Access to our knowledgeable support team, who are available to answer questions you may have about building and executing your debt elimination plan.

 Do I have to share my personal information?

The Financial Management Portal does not collect or share any of your personal information.  Within our management console, you have the opportunity to enter details about your plan and keep track of various actions.  You do not ever share or input any personally sensitive data into the control panel.  It is against our policy to have personally sensitive data such as Social Security numbers, or Account Numbers stored in your profile.

The Financial Management Portal operates this financial management portal on a secure server that transmits any data using encrypted transmission.  The integrity of the information you store and transmit on this system is always secure.

Is this website secure?

The Financial Management Portal Online Financial Management system uses SSL encryption on every page.

What kind of financial education do I need to make this material effective for me?

This material starts with the very basics. You can fly through the educational materials you understand.  You can redo any chapter as many times as you want until you understand it.  If you are in high school or college there will be many chapters where you can start applying the lessons into your financial planning.  If you have been around the block a few more years you may already use a few good methods in your life currently but we will try to show you ways to change your poor spending habits. Even those with the best of habits only need to pick up one financial tool to save them 100's or in some cases thousands of times the price of membership.

How soon can I start saving money?

Of course, everyone has a varied picture of their financial make up. You can start saving the day after you take a lesson and you apply the suggestion or method.  On average it takes 21 days to break an old habit or create a new habit.  Breaking poor spending habits take some concentrated effort at first.  When they become new good habits it will often just be second nature from that time on.  If you are paying higher credit cards rates on your revolving balances you can be saving money by your next statement following a few simple methods without any spending changes.  There are hundreds of combinations to start saving money.

Is the subject of Identity Theft covered in the training?

Yes, it is covered from guarding against I.D. theft to fixing your accounts and credit if your financial information has been abused.

Will the FMP training benefit young people who have not accumulated much debt?

College and high school students should take this financial training even before they start to accumulate debt. It will be the most long term, profitable course you ever take for your life long, financial well-being. You will be paid back thousands of times over in your lifetime creating additional personal wealth that the banks and other financial institutions will otherwise drain from you because you won't know any better.