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You Can Live a Debt-Free Life

Welcome to The Financial Management Portal. Our systematic approach to debt relief and debt elimination will have you on a path for financial freedom in no time. Our do-it-yourself program is designed to help you in 5 critical areas of your finances. You can manage these critical areas of your finances with ease using our financial management console.

Credit Repair and Credit Score Management

Improving your credit score is essential to your financial health. With credit scores gaining importance in many ways including employment, mortgages and insurance, repairing your credit and keeping your score high has never been more important. The FMP system will get you on the right track quickly with 17 multimedia screencasts offer over 3 hours of information, and our user control panel keeps you organized. Now repairing your credit is something you can do.

Advanced Budgeting Tools

Sometimes it is not enough to just make a budget. The FMP system will not only give you advanced tools for building a budget, it will provide ways to manage your savings in the most advantageous way possible, allowing you to maximize your efforts and eliminate your debt sooner. Use our budgeting templates and online spreadsheets to manage your finances in a better smarter way.

Interest Rate Negotiation

Consumers have many choices of debt relief including balance negotiation, settlement, consolidation and more. Using our extensive library of instructional and management tools, you are able to choose from a full range of strategies and determine the right one for your particular situation. We provide the most extensive collection of multi-media learning tools and other necessary financial tools such as custom financial calculators and communication templates available anywhere.

Accelerate Your Mortgage and Save $$$$$

Housing is the single largest cost of living in the country today. It also is the greatest opportunity to save interest and live debt free. However, to take advantage of this, you must have a mortgage acceleration strategy. That strategy must be custom tailored to fit your capabilities and lifestyle. Our do-it-yourself approach gives you the resources to help you determine the right program for you, and show you how to effectively execute a mortgage acceleration plan.

Complete Debt Elimination and True Financial Freedom

Our company mission is to provide ways for our clients to understand, manage and eliminate their debt in the most efficient method possible. Our do-it-yourself education and management system helps us provide affordable solutions to the tough problems keeping you from living better financially. We are constantly striving to provide a better system and better access to critical information.

The FMP System - Affordable and Effective

Whether you are looking to repair your credit, accelerate your mortgage or completely eliminate your debt, The FMP System provides the most complete and effective solution available today.

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